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Unlike other laser hair removal services of the past that were painful and left the skin very sensitive for days. PowerLAZE is absolutely pain free. It utilizes advance technology to "sweep" over areas instead of stamping them to remove hair.

Benefits of PowerLAZE:
  • Sweeping Not Stamping To Remove Hair
  • Faster Treatments Than Traditional Hair Removal
  • Safe & Comfortable For All Skin Types
  • Smart Technology Preset Parameters
  • Versatility For Face & Body
  • No Maintenance Required

How does it work?

PowerLAZE targets different tissue depths as well as anatomical structures within the hair follicle by using 3 different wavelengths. PowerLAZE combines smart technology and its superior speed to make it best of its class.



Product features

Sweep Not Stamp!
Unlike traditional laser hair removal that uses stamping and is painful our technology utilizes pain-free sweeping
PowerSculpUSA Device
Faster Treatments
Our Sweeping technology allows you to cover more surface area faster, while also delivering better results
Safe & Comfortable
For All Skin Types
Our RF technology can safely and comfortable treat all skin tones of Fitzpatrick Scale 1-6
First Hand Piece with Skin Temp Reader
Our device is the first to add a temperature reader on the hand piece making it even more convenient to use
Smart Technology Preset Parameters
Our advance AI technology does all the calculations and will set the the parameters up for you based on the skin tone of the client
Versatility For
Face & Body
PowerLAZE can be used on both the face and body interchangeably with no issues!
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