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PowerSculpUSA is a state-of-the-art non-invasive slimming instrument, ideal for patients that want to remove stubborn fat.Equipped with a 1060nm wavelength diode laser that permanently reduces fat cells without destroying the surrounding tissues.

How it Works?

PowerSculpUSA uses the most powerful FDA Approved technology, a 1060nm wavelength diode laser to target hard to reach stubborn fat.
The advanced applicator simultaneously heats up the fat cells to 107F-117F (ideal temperature to breakdown fat cells) while cooling down the skin to avoid damaging surrounding tissue.
The fat cells are destroyed and are not able to regenerate. Each session is clinically shown to reduce up to 20-24% of fat-cells in the treated area.
How it works
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Target the treatment area

1060nm laser to target the fat cells below the dermis.

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Destroy the fat cells

1060nm laser controlled energy destroys fat cells.

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Eliminate the fat cells

Overtime, the destroyed fat cells are naturally eliminated by your body.

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The result can be seen as quickly as 6 weeks after treatment.


Product features

Flat Non-invasive Applicator for Consistent Results
The 4 individual flat non-suction applicators and unique placement system are easy to use and provide the control needed to reach patients problem areas.
PowerSculpUSA Device
Contact Cooling
Helps keep the skin cool and comfortable during treatment.
Targeted Laser
Keeping the fat tissue temperature to 107F-117F (ideal temperature to breakdown fat cells) without damaging the surrounding tissue.
User-friendly Interface
The system and screen are designed to be user-friendly, which makes for easy use.
The flexible applicator system treats areas up to 128cm2 and sculpts trouble spots with each 32cm2 applicator.
Real Results

Real Results

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FDA CLEARED & Clinically
Proven To Work



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